Sallie's Story

A few years ago, we took a family vacation to Florida and came upon a long run family ice cream shop. It was such a positive, friendly experience that it sparked a desire to be part of something that could provide that same wonderful experience to other families! After much discussion and research we decided to start our adventure by attending one of the best ice cream schools in the country! Our family's long history in the dairy industry helped give us a knowledge and understanding of the finest quality dairy products. And along with a warm, friendly experience we wanted to offer a premium, wholesome product that people could taste in every scoop! 

Lovers of the 40's and 50's era and the innocence that was displayed during that time, we decided to recreate that feeling in coming to Sallie's by the Shore. We've always had a passion for vintage pieces and automobiles and decided selling from a true vintage camper would be our niche!

Our first season was incredibly fun, energizing, and rewarding! Our customers loved our product and the experience so much, we were blown away! It was what we had hoped and strived for, but to see it becoming a reality right out of the gate was quite a feeling of accomplishment!

We have great expectations for the future and many plans to expand and keep improving. In the 2016 season, patrons of Sallie's can look forward to meeting "Agnes," the newest addition to the Sallie's family! Agnes is a big hearted ol' broad and features two serving windows, to more efficiently serve our ice cream junkies! She's ready to "shake" things up this summer and we "soda" think you're gonna love it! 

"Daisy," our original Sallie's camper will be hitting the road this summer taking in new sights and serving up creamy goodness at fairs, festivals, and special events! We also have additional catering options available with our vintage inspired ice cream serving cart! This is the perfect options for weddings, graduations, private parties, and corporate events!

If you still need a little more "flavor" for Sallie's, check out our Facebook page @ Sallie's by the Shore or send us a message through our contact page!